NRICH's impact has been highlighted in a report and new interactive map produced by the University of Cambridge.

The map showcases the social and economic benefits of University of Cambridge research and initiatives across the UK.

The report, published in March 2023, concluded that the University of Cambridge contributes £30 billion to the UK economy and supports more than 86,000 jobs across the UK. Published by London Economics, one of Europe’s leading specialist economics and policy consultancies, the report assessed the University’s impact in 2020/21.

Alongside economic impact, the report also highlighted the social benefit of the University’s contribution to teaching and learning beyond the institution, supporting teachers, parents and schoolchildren throughout the UK. The report specifically highlighted NRICH's societal impact, which is also explored in the map.

NRICH publishes free online resources, designed to give 3-18 year-olds the widest possible opportunities to experience a rich, imaginative and challenging mathematical education. NRICH resources focus on building problem-solving skills, perseverance, mathematical reasoning, ability to apply knowledge creatively in unfamiliar contexts, and confidence in tackling new challenges.

The NRICH site saw particularly high use during COVID-19 school closures, attracting over 10 million visits and just under 33 million page views, and was highlighted by the Department for Education as a resource for home schooling. A collaboration with the BBC in 2020 to support online BBC Bitesize daily maths lessons for home learning further extended this reach.

"It's important that we catch people young and sustain their interest,” said Dr Ems Lord, NRICH Director. “What's really special about NRICH is that we encourage children to problem solve in different ways, take different approaches, and use and apply their maths. And by doing that, when students leave school, they are truly ready to solve problems."