The Enigma Project aims to inspire interest in mathematics, science and history through interactive presentations and hands-on workshops focusing on codes and cryptography. Presentations include demonstrations of a real WWII Enigma cipher machine, loaned to the project by Simon Singh.

Enigma Project visits are suitable for pupils of all ages and abilities from KS2-KS5. It is primarily aimed at school students, but visits can be organised for any educational establishment. The Enigma Project is also suitable for masterclasses, summer schools, Gifted and Talented workshops, teachers' conferences and weekend and evening events - with organisation and activities adjusted as appropriate

About the format

For more details about the format of visits please see the full information on our Enigma Project website.

At the start of an Enigma Project school visit all students involved will see the opening presentation together. Throughout the course of the day, each student will be then involved in a codebreaking workshop in a smaller class-sized group.

The opening 50-60min interactive presentation introduces students to cryptography - the science and mathematics of codes and code breaking. Pupils meet various ciphers that have been used throughout history from Ancient Greece to modern day cryptography. Presentations involve audience participation and all students see a genuine WW2 Enigma machine in action, find out how it worked,and discover why it is one of the most infamous cipher machines of all time

Students then get the chance to put their problem solving and logical reasoning skills to the test by taking part in a circus of hands-on code breaking activities. The code breaking workshops last for 50-60min with class-sized groups of pupils working in pairs to crack cryptic messages using a variety of traditional and modern methods from Caesar shift ciphers to ISBN numbers.

At the end of the visit, we leave a Teachers' Pack, including ideas for follow-up activities.

Cost and booking information.

The fee for a full day visit including the Enigma presentation & workshops is £595, or £795 for the full day and an additional evening presentation, plus travel/accommodation costs. A half-day visit (Enigma presentation and 2 workshops) is £415, plus travel. The cost of an Enigma presentation alone is £250, plus travel. (Please note that costs for Enigma visits to venues other than UK schools and universities may vary depending on individual circumstances: please discuss with the Enigma Project Officer, Dr James Grime, before booking.)

To book the Enigma Project please complete the online booking form. Please email the Enigma Project Officer, Dr James Grime, before completing the form to check whether your preferred dates are available.

More about Enigma

There's more information on the Enigma Project website. You can also read more about the Enigma cipher on Plus, or listen to a Plus podcast interview with Nadia Baker, the former Enigma Project Schools Officer, talking about why Enigma was considered unbreakable, and how it was finally cracked.